History of the Police Officers’ Association of Nebraska


In September of 1952, nine Law Enforcement officers from across the State of Nebraska came together and founded the Police Officers Association of Nebraska for Law Enforcement.

The first temporary officers were: President; Joe Cook of Fairbury, Vice-President; Ernest J. Mason of North Platte and Secretary/Treasurer; Joseph T. Carroll of Lincoln.

The temporary board of directors was: Jay O. Holmes, Henry Boesen, Robert Millard, Jay Paul Shively, Joseph M. Bosler and Douglas Thomas.

The object of the Association was to the general improvement of Law Enforcement in the State of Nebraska through:

1) Development of closer and personal and official relationships among Law Enforcement personnel.

2) Fostering a steadfast resolution in all persons to protect the rights, liberties and welfare of the people.

3) Raising the standards of Law Enforcement and the personnel connecter therewith.

4) Dissemination and discussion of new materials and improved techniques in Law Enforcement.

5) Encouraging and recognition of Law Enforcement as professional work entitled to commensurate respect.

6) Advocating and encouraging legislation for the improvement of Law Enforcement work or for the benefit of its personnel.

7) Helping to defray whenever possible the burial expenses of its members.

8) Any and all things tending to improve directly or indirectly Law

Enforcement and the service by its personnel to the public.

9) Raising money by any legal means for accomplishing any of the foregoing objects.

More to follow when it becomes available.

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